On Demand Digital Printing

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Digital printing uses a combination of heat and compression to bind toner to paper.  Unlike traditional ink, our creations are guaranteed not to smear, smudge, or bleed when wet.


Digital printing renders crisp images with consistent colors you can count on every time.

Fast Turnarounds.

“On-demand” is our specialty.  Our standard turnaround time is 2 business days or less.  Even larger jobs with more complex features only require 3 – 5 days for completion (shipping time not included).

Low Pricing on Short Runs

Digital printing enables you to keep quantities and prices low. Always keep your content fresh and up-to-date, and say goodbye to wasted, obsolete inventory forever.

Variable Data Imaging.

arget your customers with variable data imaging.  We can integrate the data you provide- such as customer name, products purchased, recommended products, branch location, etc.- to create individualized marketing pieces unique to a particular contact; all within a single print run.

Get Full Color for the same price as 2-Color.

Our state of the art digital printing equipment utilizes a true 4-color process.  Never settle for one or two colors again!

No set-up fees.

When you send files directly to us online, there are no set-up charges.  If you require graphics assistance, we can provide professional design solutions for an additional charge.
Digital Printing

What to Expect!

What is the design process?

The design process begins with the customer submitting all logos, photos, text, and instructions applicable to the content. Once our team completes the design, we submit proofs for the customer to review and edit.

What is the proofing process?

After a document is fully designed, the customer is sent a PDF “soft copy” proof, via email, to review.  Printed hard copy proofs are available upon request, or on an as-recommended/needed basis.  Further edits and changes are then made for the customer.  Once we receive final approval from the customer, we will print the job for pick-up or delivery.

Digital printing vs. offset printing

The advantage of digital printing is best realized on short runs, where a fast turnaround at a low cost is needed. There are no setup costs associated with the digital printing process, which makes smaller, shorter jobs economically viable.  This is not to say that offset printing is obsolete.  For grand scale projects where an expedited delivery time is not a factor, offset printing may be more economical.  Whether your business requires digital or offset printing, we are capable of designing the right solution for you.

Will the final product look like what I see on my screen?

Color matching is a top priority of ours because we know your satisfaction depends on it. However, because of the wide variance in monitor calibrations, and more specifically, the incompatibility of the video (RGB) and commercial printing (CYMK) formats, printed colors typically do not exactly match the colors on any specific monitor. We make all necessary adjustments on our equipment to match screen colors as closely as possible.